The hunt for the divine and eternal beauty

An exciting adventure from the birth of ancient Western miniature art more than 2300 years ago, through the artistic and aesthetic evolution of the art form.

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Marvel at a world of beauty

Beauty is an energy and gives
our life meaning. 
We must be able to see and feel!

The book

“Apollo to Apollo, The hunt for the devine and eternal beauty” presents the extraordinary art form in miniature created by the Masters of Miniature Art in ancient times more than 2300 ago. A crisp presentation of more than three hundred photographs with descriptions tiptoes us back to the beginning of Western culture. We discover hidden art and artists who were silent visionaries interpreting messages in astrology, politics, medicine, science, love and emotions.

Through these miniatures, we experience the beauty and intensity of life in ancient times. Apollo to Apollo is a reminder of the importance of our roots, and to preserve our ‘sacred gifts’ - including imagination and intuition - for our present and future. Apollo to Apollo brings us back from ancient times to the last four centuries and the present day, when many contemporary artists and philosophers were/are inspired by this art form.
“The book can easily be enjoyed for the art alone since almost every piece included is a true masterpiece of the immortal art form that was ancient art. I do however urge the readers to return to its pages frequently and open their heart to the profound messages from the past that are so vital to our collective future.” (extract from the foreword of the book)


"A book well worth the wait! Congratulations for a work well done"
- Reader in Greece
“I have enjoyed reading the book, and found it both beautiful and interesting, despite the fact that I have never been interested in art.”
- Reader in Denmark
“The quality of your Apollo to Apollo book is wonderful.”
- Reader in USA
“Congrats for your book, well done.”
- Reader in Switzerland


Written by H. B. Andersen / English First Edition, Printed in 2019
Edited by Kay Hare / Coordinated by Florencia Vogogna and H. B. Andersen
Design and Art Direction by Florencia Vogogna
Photography by Michael G. Ibsen and Andrew Daneman
Illustrations by Rama King Nash
272 Pages / 312 Photos / 6 Illustrations
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MSc(Econ.) – Explorer & Author
Alongside a lifelong passion for art, Henrik B. Andersen holds a master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and has had a career in the healthcare industry. Henrik B. Andersen’s life project “Apollo to Apollo” was created by following the innate intuition.

“The divine and eternal beauty should not be taken for granted. If we do not fight for it, it will disappear.
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