A journey from ancient miniature art, through the last four centuries of art, and into the extraordinary work of Rama King Nash and other modern artists


Over the last four centuries, many artists and philosophers have collected and cherished the miniature art form from ancient times. Several contemporary artists were inspired by the motifs and style of this miniature art: from Eugene Delacroix, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, André Breton, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí... to Rama King Nash.

In 2014 Rama King Nash accepted the challenge of interpreting Apollo to Apollo into a series of paintings “The Future meets the Past in the Present”. The first painting he created for the serie was inspired by the theme “The divine and eternal beauty” and it turned out to be an breathtaking work of art entitled “Painting is eternal”. He continued his impressive work with the interpretation of other “themes” related to the ancient miniature art: evolution, mystery, history, adventure, culture/civilization, meaning of life, the sacred gifts, Mount Janus, the tree of life, the magic of life, etc. Rama has also created all the unique illustrations that represent Apollo to Apollo.

Sadly, our very dear friend and incredibly talented artist Rama passed away in 2018 and could not continue his valuable contribution to Apollo to Apollo.


Rama King Nash was a contemporary artist born in Mexico City in 1976.
He was both Danish and Mexican. Rama was trained as an artist at the Mexican Art Academy in Mexico City, the School of Visual Arts in Copenhagen and the graphic arts school "Il Bisonte" in Florence.

In 1997 Rama moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he worked in painting, engraving, enamel and art installations at his studio Verket, located in Frederiksberg. Rama exhibited his works of art in Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Peru, France, Monaco and Greenland.

Very sadly, our dear friend Rama passed away in 2018 at only 42 years old. Unfortunately he could not continue his invaluable contribution to Apollo to Apollo. His knowledge, friendship, incredible talent and enthusiasm are very much missed. It was a true honor and a privilege to have met and worked with Rama for so many years. Apollo to Apollo will never be the same without Rama King Nash! All honor to his memory.

“He whom the gods love dies young.”
Quote by the Greek dramatist Menander approx. 342 – 291 B.C.
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“I have studied the works of art of the Greeks and the Celts, trying to find and combine their most basic elements, and through that, to open a window to the past as well as to the ancient view on life, values and aesthetics. It has been a journey through the archetypal. It is impossible to stop thinking about the magnitude of the skills of the ancient artists. In addition, I feel that despite our technological achievements, contemporary art is not always better, innovative or
as free as we think, but just different.”
By Rama King Nash, Copenhagen, Autumn 2015

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