Henrik Schurmann


We had the pleasure of meeting the photographer Henrik Schurmann by a lucky coincidence in 2020, and we immediately realized that his talent and fine quality of photographs and art prints were what was needed in Apollo to Apollo to present in the best way “The Future meets the Past in the Present”.

Henrik Schurmann's valuable work for to Apollo to Apollo includes a serie of high quality photographs of the paintings created by Rama King Nash for Apollo to Apollo, from which he produces our gliclée fine art prints and plays an important role in their promotion, sale and distribution. He also supports Apollo to Apollo with some of the photographs and prints required for our website and exhibitions.

Henrik grew up in a family that was interested in photography and already in his teenage years he started taking photographs himself. In primary school, he chose photography as an optional subject and learned to work in a darkroom. Since then, photography has always been a part of Henrik’s life.

For the first several years, photography was a hobby for Henrik. He enjoyed photography and working with his images, but this was alongside a career as a biologist and researcher. That changed in the year 2000 when Henrik decided to make photography his livelihood. At first by writing books and articles about photography.

In 2009 he opened his own photo gallery by Kronborg in Helsingør from which he exhibits and sell his photographs and books.

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