Florencia Vogogna

Graphic designer / Art Director

Florencia is an argentinian-italian graphic designer who joined Henrik Bo Andersen and Rama King Nash on their Apollo to Apollo adventure in 2014, and since then, she became an important member of the triumvirate behind the concept and creation of Apollo to Apollo. Florencia is the driving and creative force that puts together Henrik's extraordinary ideas and transforms them into graphics and reality. Over the years she has created and developed Apollo to Apollo's brand identity, our books and all kinds of printed material. She is also the art director / coordinator of our art exhibitions, website, web shop, and the promotion of Apollo to Apollo.

Florencia was born and raised in a nice town of Buenos Aires province, Argentina. When she finished school, she moved to the Capital city, where she qualified as a Graphic Designer at the University of Buenos Aires. During the following years, she worked in different design studios where she was given the opportunity to expand her creative talent and learn about the different areas of design: branding, printing, editorial, web design and web development.

In 2009, she relocated to Italy where she embraced new experiences with challenging projects all over the world for customers mainly based in Monaco, Italy and France. After four successful years and experience in the area, she moved to Monaco in 2013, where she founded FLOR Design Studio and continues to expand her business.

Florencia communicates effectively with her customers in Spanish, English, Italian and French, and she has more than 20-years experience working in graphic design. FLOR Design Studio is a small design studio where big graphic and website projects meet passion, creativity and dedication.

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