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Apollo to Apollo exceeds words and our imagination. It is like describing a diamond: depending on the light, the viewing angle and the viewer it continues to provide new experiences.

What began with a deep fascination for the extraordinary skills of the ancient artists to create immortal beauty and art more than 2300 years ago, developed into an interest in the roots of the Western civilization and the human nature as well as it revealed the importance of art and beauty for our future.

The perspective of more than 2300 years and the travel back to our roots demonstrates that the progress of our humanity came at the expense of our wisdom from the past, our senses and values. Our ability to create, as well as to enjoy, beauty and art is essential for our future.

The beauty is an energy and gives the life meaning. We must be able to see and feel! The art is a source of inspiration for the imagination. The imagination is the foundation for the evolution. Apollo to Apollo is powered by intuition and imagination.

Apollo to Apollo explores the importance of art in our present through ancient art, the extraordinary works of Rama King Nash and other modern artists, and stands for the protection and promotion of our values, the beauty, the art and our sacred gifts, especially imagination and intuition.
Remember to remember: “To be, or not to be, that is the question”
Inspired by William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1)



MSc(Econ.) – Explorer & Author
Alongside a lifelong passion for art, Henrik B. Andersen holds a master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and has had a career in the healthcare industry. Henrik B. Andersen’s life project “Apollo to Apollo” was created by following the innate intuition.

“The divine and eternal beauty should not be taken for granted. If we do not fight for it, it will disappear.
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