Edita Houhou

Jewellery maker / Goldsmith

From the foundation and beginning of Apollo to Apollo's experience we have dreamed of developing a series of pieces of art in miniature, which could have the chance of surviving for many many years, and remain as a memory of Apollo to Apollo, an ambassador for the future. Our very first choice of materials was immediately - for many reasons - gold and diamonds. Inspired by the Masters of Miniature Art, we started working on the designs and created the Apollo to Apollo Collection of jewellery: “Art, beauty and history to wear”.

In our search for the right jewellery maker who could transform our designs into beautiful, unique and hand-made pieces of jewellery, we were referred to Edita Houhou by the jeweller and artist Michael Weihe. The day we met Edita in her nice and cosy atelier we immediately felt she was the right person to help us develop our Apollo to Apollo Collection. Edita's high-quality work, attention to detail and valuable advice, in addition to sharing a similar vision and values than Apollo to Apollo, reassures us that our jewellery is in the best hands possible.

Edita has 30 years' experience as a goldsmith and 11 years' experience in sales, she has a special competence for technical solutions and materials, as well as customer relations. She founded Benchmade Copenhagen, with a view to both the B2B and B2C market. In connection with this, her customer portfolio consists of, among other things, established brands, jewellery stores, independent jewellers etc.

Benchmade Copenhagen is located in Copenhagen. She also has a network of business partners in different locations in Denmark, where shipping has worked as a good solution. Edita's vision as a self-employed is to create a brand in the future to provide both services to jewellery companies in relation to cooperation regarding repairs, production or other technical skills. In addition, service for private customers who want to have specially designed jewellery produced based on their own personal style, or to have existing jewellery repaired. She also has her own range of jewellery. Her designs can be seen via her Instagram profile Bench_madecopenhagen.

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