Carsten Fun Jensen


We had the pleasure of being introduced to Carsten Fun Jensen by Rama King Nash as one of his friends and colleague at Verket - Rama's artistic atelier in Copenhagen - and, since then, he has being playing an important role in Apollo to Apollo. Carsten’s outstanding sculptures and his collaboration with Rama became the inspiration to represent Apollo to Apollo in the serie of marble and bronze sculptures that are part of “The Future meets the Past in the Present”.

When Rama sadly passed away in 2018, it seemed impossible for us to continue Apollo to Apollo. Despite Apollo to Apollo will never be the same without Rama, we want to honour his memory, and it is thanks to Carsten's ideas, expertise, practical advice and support over the years that we have regained faith and confidence in our project, and we are successfully translating all the experience gained in Apollo to Apollo into the serie of exhibitions "The Future meets the Past in the Present”.

Carsten has a long experience as a fireman and a trained toolmaker, over the years he decided to transform his experiences and feelings about materials like stone and metal into artistic creations, becoming an incredibly talented sculptor of modern art. Carsten works with sculptures in bronze, including both non-figurative as well as very clearly legible political sculptures - he created, among other things, Mandela's hand, which was handed over to the first president of free South Africa, Nelson Mandela -, in stone - which includes both marble and granite - , and, finally, in ceramic sculptures that are coated with metal, copper and silver through electrolysis.

Carsten Fun Jensen' sculptures express more of himself than language could ever explain. They are, in a way, pure visual and emotional experiences that, so to speak, reach beyond the language itself and into the innermost emotional impressions that are formed early in life. Experiencing Carsten's sculptures is therefore not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also a pleasure for the sense of touch.

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