The future meets
the past in present

A series of paintings and drawings by Rama King Nash

Inspired by

The future meets
the past in present

A series of paintings and drawings
by Rama King Nash

Inspired by

The project

The artist Rama King Nash accepted the challenge of interpreting “Apollo to Apollo” into a series of paintings and drawings: “The Future meets the Past in the Present”.

One day I got the idea, to ask my friend Rama, to create an interpretation of “The divine and eternal beauty”.

At that time, Rama knew nothing about my work, which I referred to as “Remember to Remember”.

Rama’s interpretation “Painting is eternal” was a breathtaking experience for me, which surpasses words.

It is a contemporary confirmation of all my theories about beauty! “Painting is eternal” will be revealed at a later date.

“Painting is eternal” became the source of inspiration for the creation of our project “The Future meets the Past in the Present.” “Evolution” is one of the paintings in this project.

Rama King Nash

22.01.1976 – 13.10.2018

Danish and Mexican artist who lived in Copenhagen since 1997. He worked with painting, engraving, enamel and installation at his studio Verket, located in Frederiksberg.

Rama exhibited in Denmark and abroad in countries like Sweden, Mexico, Peru, France, Monaco & Greenland.

“He whom the gods love dies young.”
Quote by the Greek dramatist Menander approx.
342 – 291 B.C.

Knowing and working with my friend and the artist Rama King Rash was a true honor and a privilege.

Apollo to Apollo will never be the same without Rama!

All honor to his memory.

I have studied the works of the Greeks and the Celts and I have tried to find their most basic elements, combine them and through that open a window to the past as well as to the ancient view on life, values and aesthetic. It has been a journey through the archetypal. It is impossible to stop thinking about the magnitude of the skills of the ancient artists. In addition, despite our technological achievements, contemporary art is not always better, innovative or as free as we think, just different.

Quote by Rama King Nash

Copenhagen, Autumn 2015