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Apollo to Apoll0

The hunt for the divine and eternal beauty

About the book

Inspired by the fresh perspective of a collector and an adventurer, we step into a rare universe of Ancient Miniature Art humbly illuminating critical historical principles we have forgotten.

A crisp presentation of more than three hundred photographs with descriptions tiptoes us back to the beginning of Western culture. We discover hidden art and artists who were silent visionaries interpreting messages in astrology, politics, medicine, science, love and emotions.

Apollo to Apollo is our ‘wake-up call’ to explore, not just the stars in our skies, but much closer; the intuitive world of Ancient Miniature Art that we, today, can still hold in our hands.

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Please note that the number of copies of “Apollo to Apollo, The hunt for the divine and eternal beauty – English 1st edition, 1st print” is limited and the requests are processed in the order they are received.

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